Why waste valuable time when you can automate it? 

This month we have been highlighting the advantages of automated labeling. To show the savings and process improvements of an automated labeling machine could have on your production line, we wanted to give you the results a customer actually experienced with the LS6000 (now updated to the LS7100). Below, we show the problem this customer faced, how we solved it, and the results to their production line.

If while reading this, you think your company could benefit from the cost saving and productivity of the LS6000 (now updated to the LS7100) or automated labeling, let us know so we can schedule a Free On-Site Analysis to find out what the best solution for you is.

-R.V. Evans Company

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See how we saved a customer over $100,000 annually in wasted time!

The Problem


Pictured is the updated LS6000, now the LS7100

Last year we had a customer call us to find a better way to label their products. The customer was printing off their labels on an office printer and then walking them out to the production line. From there, workers would hand-apply each label to the boxes. Not only was this manual process wasting time, but it was also wasting labels. These labels had time-sensitive information on them that pertained to each run of products. Since the company would pre-print the labels, there would never be the right amount for the boxes.

1b7e17d9-c339-45c4-bac3-6b0e642a6231The Solution

With our FoxJet LS6000 (now updated LS7100) label applicator and printer, our customer was able to perform all their old steps in one motion with no manual labor. Additionally, they were able to easily integrate the piece of equipment into their existing production line. 

The Results

The increased production allowed the customer to move 3 full-time workers to a more essential job, equating to over $100,000 annually in labor cost. Not only did they see savings from wasted labor but they now have the ability to increase production. With the LS6000’s (now updated LS7100) maximum speed of 110 labels per minute and the extra labor that they can reallocate, they should see a lot larger savings in the years to come. 

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If you are interested in improving your end-of-the-line process?

Contact us or give us a call to set up a Free On-Site-Analysis!

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The LS6000 got an upgrade to the LS7100! With the upgrade comes enhanced capabilities to get an even more accurate label placement, while moving at high speeds. The new equipment has servo-controlled label dispensing technology and auto-adjusting sensor controls. Be confident in the LS7100 with the new upgrades that allows applying labels the front, rear, side, top, bottom, and corners of cases or pallets.

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