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Are you meeting the ever changing packaging standards of e-commerce? With our edge protection and concealing shrink wrap, you can meet standards and ensure that your product is fully protected. Our variety of e-commerce packaging can validate that the product will be ready to go when it is sent to Amazon fulfillment centers. We provide packaging from Laminations and IPG that are minimal, protective, and functional, which is just what your customer needs to fit their standards!
To ensure that you’re meeting packaging standards and protecting your products, schedule a Free On-Site Analysis to evaluate your current e-commerce process.

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Take a look at the variety of ways that you can protect your
e-commerce packages.

Meet Packaging Requirements59aeefd1-bbca-4628-b446-1d68876c8e9b

Your packaging is expected to keep up with the ever changing standards of
e-commerce. With Laminations’ multiple edge protecting solutions, no matter what the shape or size, your product will be protected until it gets to the customer’s doorstep. VBoard, NotchBoard, and UChannel strengthen the corners and edges of your packages, making it a custom fit for each shipment.

7face413-0187-49f0-b38e-08050d784858Conceal Your Contents

With IPG’s Exlfilm shrink wrap, you can conceal the contents of your products with wrap in order to replace corrugated containers. Getting rid of the box and void fill allows for lower packaging and weight shipping costs. Lower labor costs and improved output rates come from the high speed pack off when using Exlfilmplus SHIELD.line segment

We can help you produce fulfillment center ready packages with our Free On-Site-Analysis.

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