Does your product withstand e-commerce conditions?

Your packages experience various conditions as they go through the e-commerce line. How do you know that they have the integrity to withstand the compression, drops, and vibrations of the parcel delivery process? We provide various types of protective packaging with our solutions by Laminations, and ensure that your product can withstand harsh conditions with their International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 6 Certification and Service, and Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Guidelines.

Do you want to know if your packaging is handling all the harsh drops, vibrations, and compression of the e-commerce process? Let us know so we can schedule a Free On-Site Analysis and evaluate the best solution for you!

-R.V. Evans Company

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Read more about how we provide package safety and integrity throughout e-commerce shipping.


Testing Your Package Integrity

Laminations puts each e-commerce package and pallet through a certification process to check its integrity of vibrations, inclines, drops, and compression that it will experience through its delivery channel. In their ISTA 6 Testing and Certification Lab, they use vibration boards, fork trucks, and impact testers to see what alterations may be needed for each package. If needed after testing, extra modifications are added, such as VBoard, NotchBoard, or UChannel, to ensure maximum protection of the product and that it shows up in one piece on your customer’s doorstep.

210d35f1-e773-4b03-afc5-98874ed3b18bProtect More Than Your Product

When the final product shows up to your customer, you want it to show a positive reflection on your company. With the ISTA 6 Testing and Certification Services that are used on our protective e-commerce packaging, you don’t have to worry about your product being delivered in a different condition than when it left your line. Our protection will provide you with package integrity and help the customer associate a positive reputation with your company.

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Still wondering if your e-commerce packages pass the test? Schedule a Free On-Site Analysis with our team – With over 80 years of experience, we will provide the best solution for you.

If you are interested in improving your end-of-the-line process

Contact us or give us a call to set up a Free On-Site-Analysis! | 1-800-252-5894

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The R.V. Evans’ Service Partner Program is our way of enhancing our customer’s investment experience and optimizing their packaging and/or fastening system performance far beyond the point of purchase. We offer services such as preventative maintenance, equipment and tool repair, parts discounts, and more.
To find out more information about our Service Partner Program, contact


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