Hytrol Conveyor Solution Keeps Electric Load Center Manufacturer’s Pallets Moving

Pre-Solution Application

The clients newest Orion overhead stretch wrapper has 14 feet of gravity exit conveyor at the end of the wrapping station.

The problem:  Pallets have been hanging up in this area and not transferring to the end of the exit conveyor where fork truck drivers can pick them up.  Consequently, the Fork truck drivers have to get off the truck to manually push pallets to the end of the conveyor line.  These double stacked pallets can be more than 100″ tall and weigh 3,000 to 4,000 lbs.

The R.V. Evans’ Value Added Solution

After performing a Site Needs Analysis and thorough review of the application, R.V. Evans’ team of sales and service specialists determined the appropriate value added solution.  The recommendation: Replace the existing gravity exit conveyor with 14 feet of Hytrol 25-LREZ powered conveyor with EZ Logic Zone Controllers and bottom belt drive.  Complete removal service of the old gravity conveyor and installation of the new Hytrol 25-LREZ powered conveyor was provided by the R.V. Evans’ service team.

Key Benefits of the Hytrol 25-LREZ Heavy Duty Accumulating Conveyor

Reduced labor and reduced worker fatigue; belt driven live roller conveyor designed for use where zero pressure accumulation and low elevation (12″) and close roller centers are required.

Measurable Savings Realized

According to our Client’s Management team, this solution will save them thousands each month in addition to the considerable benefit of increased safety due to some pallets being double stacked two pallets high.

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Ergonomics and How We Can Help

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According to Merriam-Webster, ergonomics is a science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely.  Although the R&D departments of manufacturers are sure to design all of their products to fit into this mold, they unfortunately don’t have the time or the resources to make sure that the correct product is being used to its greatest capacity to ensure an ergonomically sound process.  That is where distributors like R.V. Evans Company come in.  FoxJet has a great article on the importance of distributors.  We couldn’t agree more.
R.V. Evans has a full professional team of product experts who take the time to learn the ins and outs of each one of their customers’ processes, developing a plan to make sure each company is using the best solutions to keep their processes ergonomically sound. This keeps employees safe, promotes a positive company culture, and increases efficiency and profits.
Our expert team offers the following solutions:
  • Equipment & Tool Selection
  • Set-up & Training
  • Technical Support
  • Failure Analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Safety Programs/MSDS Management
  • Technology Updates
  • Site Needs Analysis

These product experts are also proficient in every item under their specialty, meaning they use their extensive knowledge to ensure that every solution is well-catered to your business.  Visit our website, YouTube Channel, Contact Us, or Scheduled a Site Needs Analysis to get started making your company ergonomically sound.